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The forecourt was not self-service and he attended only as a health and safety requirement as this was written into the terms of his licence to sell fuel. 11 January ... Guernsey Police said the incident took place on Sunday morning at about 02:20 GMT and a … For all your daily Guernsey news, views and pictures including the latest comprehensive sport and business coverage from across the islands. Guernsey received two command tanks, 12 normal tanks, and five flame-throwing tanks. Mr Hockey told her that it was not self-service and that her son should not be near the pumps. The local media appears to toe the CCA ‘party line’. This is tantamount to holding everyone captive in this island. A man in Guernsey is requiring hospital treatment in the UK after suffering 'severe' facial injuries after a violent assault in the early hours of … Where transparency is expected and respected in those other places, in Guernsey it is all inscrutable; we are fed on the morsels of information that the CCA decides we should have. Counsel spoke of the impact that these proceedings had had on his client’s health. The beach is … Judge Graeme McKerrell said he was able to treat Mr Hockey as a man of previously good character. Instead of that we are being told that ‘40,000 doses of vaccines are due to arrive over here over the next few months’. The UK MHRA approved the AstraZeneca vaccine on 30 December. Bowes-Lyon, who is the son of a cousin of the Queen, will be sentenced at a later date and is being placed on the sex offenders register. Why didn’t the CCA order a sufficient quantity of vaccine doses months ago directly from the vaccine companies, as an independent jurisdiction can do, and as the UK did? 4 tunnels at La Valette in St Peter Port, to hold 480 tons of fuel. The 67-year-old, of Trev’s Motorcycles, La Rue du Passeur, Vale, admitted the offence when he appeared in the Magistrate’s Court. A conditional discharge was imposed for a period of two years, meaning Mr Hockey could be sentenced for the offence again should he reoffend. This is a real failure by the CCA to act decisively and effectively. Man's sixth assault charge not accepted as "out of character" Head-butting another man at the Cock and Bull before Christmas in an unprovoked attack involving a dance teacher and her partner has landed Neal Bewey in prison for three months. News | Jan 20, 2021. If journalists have the temerity to ask the CCA even a gentle question during a briefing they risk being scolded. Useful links Advertise with us Making a complaint Jersey Evening Post Guernsey Airport Guernsey Harbours. None of this is healthy in any democracy. News. Why did it take another 10 days for the authorities here to confirm their approval? A man is due appear before magistrates in Guernsey, charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer after an incident in St Peter Port. Guernsey Press. It involved an article written in the Guernsey Press by Deputy Graham which commented on the Committee for Economic Development's performance. He is one of more than 40 men of 48 Commando to die on D-Day.” Advocate Andrew Ayres said his client had been in business for 32 years and had never had a cross word with a customer and, as a result, he had a loyal client base. Send Us Your News & Pictures. Mr Hockey thanked Judge McKerrell for what he said he thought was a fair outcome. To probe and challenge and hold government to account are the hallmarks of a functioning democracy – but this is now almost absent from discourse in Guernsey. Between Thursday 31 January and Saturday 2 January: Five were arrested for assault; Get the latest Guernsey news from the ITV News team in the Channel Islands. Simon Bowes-Lyon, 34, the Earl of Strathmore, attacked the woman at Glamis Castle, Angus, in February last year. We already had one of the most severe and intrusive quarantine regimes seen anywhere in the world, including the extension to 21 days quarantine for those who refuse to be tested on day 13, so why this next step into the heart of darkness? Published. ... Guernsey Press. 4 is now an occupation museum. Le Page was sentenced to six months in prison for the assault and four months in prison, consecutive, for the dangerous driving, as well as a four-year driving ban. It is an egregious assault on fundamental freedoms, and I believe that it would be unlikely to stand up in any court of law. > Read more. Search for jobs and vacancies on the Island's most popular website. There are infinitely more expert scientists and medics on the MHRA than we have on this little island. We welcome comments left here, and … Customers generally accepted this but on the day in question the woman had got out of her car and her son had been filling the vehicle up, which he considered to be highly dangerous. Common assault and criminal damages also went up. For criminal damage, he was handed three months in prison, concurrent to the other sentences and for drink driving two months in prison and two years disqualified, which were both also concurrent to the … Moments later Mr Hockey called police to tell them what he had done and said they could expect a call from the woman. The Bailiwick of Guernsey Victim Support and Witness Service is an independent charitable organisation supporting both victims and witnesses of crime and has been in existence in the Bailiwick since 1998 providing an essential service in our community. Calls for small business champion > Read more. Everyone’s got a story, so tell us yours. Menu ... A CWGC spokesman said: “Tragically, it is believed that Frank was killed very early in the assault, possibly before ever reaching the beach. Garage owner admits assault on customer. Guernsey's parliament rejects proposal to legalise assisted dying. THE question I wish to ask is this: do we now have a health dictatorship in Guernsey? If you doubt what can be achieved with a vaccine roll out by a well organised small country and an efficient government, just look at Israel. Nine arrests were made in Guernsey over the New Year period. Police in Guernsey are investigating separate incidents of sexual assault against two women in St Peter Port. Guernsey Judgment 11/2018: 08/02/2018: D v The Law Officers of the Crown: Court of Appeal: Appeal re indecent assault: Guernsey Judgment 12/2018: 15/02/2018: Hindle v Kitching: Royal Court: Decision in respect of costs previously reserved (made on the papers) Guernsey Judgment 13/2018: 21/02/2018: Canargo Cayman Limited: Royal Court News Published: Dec 16, 2020 Last Updated: Dec 16, 2020. View, search and book family announcements including birth, anniversary, engagement, marriage and death notices with the Guernsey Press All Classifications Adoption Birth Birthday Christening Christmas Greetings Congratulations Engagement Father's Day Forthcoming Marriage Mother's Day Retirement Thanks Valentine's Day Wedding Wedding Anniversary Birthday Memorial … There was a verbal exchange during which the woman told Mr Hockey to get out of her personal space. Take the latest announcement about ‘travel permits’ – this is where a travel ban is being enacted in regulations in the form of a requirement for an essential travel permit, and that returning home for Guernsey residents – even for those holding a Guernsey passport – will only constitute an essential reason for travel if they left on or before 12 Jan. Whether it’s something we should be investigating or an event you’d like us to cover, get in touch here. This island must be opened up as soon as those who are at risk of being hospitalised or dying from the virus are vaccinated (and the ONS data is very clear as to those who are at risk if they catch the virus), and we must know the date when this is expected to happen. Violent assault case took five years to get to court. Here you will find temporary, full time, casual or permanent career opportunities But Guernsey's Chief of Police says despite last year's increase, long term crime rates are falling. Ho. The Victorian seafront at Southsea has a funfair and swimming complex, and the large open green spaces are perfect for lazy picnics, gentle strolls and kite flying. Police use a Taser stun gun and rubber baton rounds on a man after reports of a "serious domestic assault" in Guernsey. In the first of these she spoke of how the defendant used to lead her away from social gatherings when they were young and would then sexually assault her. Watchdog calls for transparency from Guernsey Electricity after … Guernsey Press wins award for coverage of Wessex Heartbeat. In fact it is this opaqueness and defensiveness that characterises how the CCA functions, and it is this which stirs the ‘unease’ he alludes to. Singer Lisa Maffia, a member of Noughties UK hip hop group So Solid Crew, attacked a hairdresser in a south London salon, a court has heard. Instead of open communication as the default setting, we hear this from the Chief Minister: ‘I will not be pressured by people critiquing the States of Guernsey communication strategy’ because ‘it could stir unease and misinformation’. Guernsey Press. Credit: ITV Channel Guernsey's most senior politician has shared his personal experience of sexual assault to show islanders it can happen to anyone. Sometimes he could present as being over-assertive and officious but that was not his way. : 104 However, U-Boats in Guernsey were too vulnerable to air attack. 107 were here. Had the CCA done this, and with Beau Sejour operational seven days a week and vaccinating 3,000 people a day – which is what we are told it can process – then from that one site the entire population could have been offered the first protective jab within three weeks. Guernsey's most senior politician has revealed he was the victim of a sexual assault decades ago. News. We are told by the chief minister that no one is ‘welcome’ to travel here, and I fear that this animus towards outsiders simply feeds into a xenophobia that is now bubbling away just below the surface. Unfortunately, it is rule by diktat in a way that seems to bypass the normal democratic process, and the person who exercises what appears to be near omnipotent powers is an unelected civil servant. Arrest warrant issued for drug smuggler. In other democratic jurisdictions ministers and their advisers are routinely challenged, as they should be, but not in Guernsey. Combined Nations Armistice Day Service – ‘this is … Dundee Sheriff Court heard on Tuesday that the incident happened in a bedroom at the castle. When the island is already hermetically sealed and almost totally suffocated, how much tighter can the ligature be? U-boat and S-Boat facilities amounted to fuel tanks installed in Ho. He put one hand on her shoulder and another over her mouth and the woman said she had been frightened. Take the latest announcement about ‘travel permits’ – this is where a travel ban is being enacted in regulations in the form of a requirement for an essential travel permit, and that returning home for Guernsey residents – even for those holding a Guernsey passport – will only constitute an essential reason for travel if they left on or before 12 Jan. Waves to launch Uber for air. A man has appeared in court in Guernsey today accused of assaulting another man. He said the woman had been shouting and saliva had been coming out of her mouth so he had been protecting himself. image caption The second assault took place in Cambridge Park Guernsey Police are appealing for help in their investigations into two sexual assaults on women walking home alone in St Peter Port. Three men have been found guilty in a Guernsey court of the gang rape of a 22-year-old woman in St Peter Port. GARAGE owner Trevor Hockey has been convicted of assaulting one of his customers. Thanks for visiting our Facebook page. That is not good enough at all. Why aren’t the minutes of the CCA meetings made available for public scrutiny as they are in other places? About the website Assault near De La Rue pub leaves man with severe injuries. Read more stories. We are not trusted with the data that informs the decisions that are being made, some of which cause severe upset and emotional and mental turmoil for so many people. A 25-year old man is charged with indecent assault following an attack on a woman in Guernsey.

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